Penthouse Condo with Terrace for Sale

Penthouse Condo $123,850  (Now sold!) 28 July 2014  Our sunlit fifth floor condo with 640 square foot terrace displaying panoramic unobstructed views is charming. The large terrace has a six person Jacuzzi and covered areas on each end.  You can access from both the...

It’s Hard to Keep Up!

It’s Hard to Keep Up!

Explore the #1 Retirement City with our new updated Kindle Book Ecuador, along with many places, is changing at an accelerating rate. Changes in political winds, economic activities and cultural norms are storming in faster than the influx of new residents. Cuenca has...

File IRS FBAR form 114 by JUNE 30

IRS FBAR Form 114 The nice government men  request we tell them annually all about our foreign financial holdings. The new Form 114  needs to be filed by June 30.  I suggest you file it electronically.  Then you will receive a confirmation email from the IRS. Keep a...

Trecer Edad!

Yes, there is reason to celebrate getting older.  Tercer Edad (the third age)! Now, at age 65, I can go to a separate line at the bank for seniors, handicapped, etc rather than wait in long lines.  Lan and Tame have half price tickets for air travel.  My property...

Thriving in Ecuador kindle book gary and sue gaither
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Gary and Sue Gaither

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