Evento El Color Purpura

The Color Purple Event

We never imagined that within 9 months of living in Cuenca, an event would come together what we have called “The Color Purple Event.”  Yes, complete with television interviews, newspaper coverage and many sponsors!
How did this happen?
Our transition began last November.  Imagine selling your home, wrestling everything into storage, Gary having surgery. Then gathering international papers for “Stover,” our mascota , to become “Ecuadog.”  And “900” seemingly other items.  By the time we arrived, it took a month just to catch our breath. 
Then holidays  – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  While Ecuador does not celebrate our Thanksgiving, we certainly had a celebration.  By January, we had established friendships. Our relationship with Unsion Television resulted in a room at the station to conduct our first weekly Bible Study.
In March of this year, we finally obtained our Cedula. 
We had already planned a trip home to the USA to pack a container.  We decided  we were called to make Cuenca our home.
Since January, I’ve been purchasing bread each week at the charming Villa San Carlos located on Remigio Tamariz.  Why there?  The chef and owner (along with his wife, Sandra) bakes what he calls “almost” sourdough bread each week.  We found out about the bread through our friends, Jim & Angie Barnes.
As the weeks turned into months of going to get bread each week, I found myself growing with an idea inside my heart about a ladies luncheon to be held at this beautiful Villa San Carlos.  In the States, I had often been part or even coordinated ladies events and retreats, so this was not a “foreign” idea.
After purchasing an apartment in May, I still held onto the possibility of doing something – but for a number of weeks we were held “hostage” to remodeling our apartment to live in and receiving our cargo.  Next, the unpacking and all that “jazz.”  Then, a young Gringa house guest from the USA for two months this summer.
So how, with all that going on, did an event finally come together?  Don’t know except it just seemed right – and with a lot of prayer and finally sharing it with Angie Barnes, I took the “plunge” and committed to doing it.
Where is it now?  It is happening next Saturday, October 1, 2011.  To date 120 tickets have been sold.  Generous donors have supplied a dozen door prizes – and the event has received two newspaper stories and a television interview.    The profits of the ticket sales will be going to SOLCA – the pediatrics department for children with cancer.
SOLCA will be presented with the proceeds gift.  They will be giving more information about SOLCA and the ongoing needs.
Also, we will have door prizes, a time for the ladies (both Ecuadorians and Americans) to get to know each other during lunch, recognition of sponsors and businesses.  We will enjoy Ecuadorian music and a scrumpuous lunch.  Sue will bring a short message on Esperanza/HOPE, closing with a beautiful, powerful song, “Will You Marry Me?”
This could not have come about without a “lotta” help from friends:  Angie Barnes, Sandra Flores (a sweet Ecuadorian  partner!), Jane Golden and Claudia Johansen.  Wow!  And then we’ve had table sponsors (10 people):  Joanna Cox, Charles & Kathleen Barrett, Jane Golden, and others.  How awesome!
Below is a flyer that was posted in businesses and elsewhere in Cuenca.  There are many stories of how it all “fell into place.”  Yes, it’s the first “The Color Purple Event” to be held in Cuenca, Ecuador. 
Second “Evento El Color Purpura” in 2012?

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